Top Seven Hubs For Pre-Owned Corvettes

Few things are more satisfying than listening to the tuned rumble coming from the pipes of your Corvette as you wait to surge forward from a traffic light. Have you ever dreamed of owning a Corvette or of finding a match to the one you had years ago? There’s no time like the present for putting yourself in a pre-owned Corvette by Chevrolet.

There are plenty of pre-owned Corvettes for sale, if you just know where to look. We’ll show you where to find what you’re looking for by pointing you toward the top seven hubs in the U.S.A. for locating and purchasing the Corvette of your Dreams!

Where to Find Pre-Owned Corvettes for Sale

pre-owned Corvettes for sale

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Rick Hendrick Corvette

Rick Hendrick Corvette has the best selection of pre-owned Corvettes for sale in the Northern Georgia and Atlanta region. Whether you’re shopping for a newer model body style or one from days gone by, Rick Hendrick is one of the best places to shop.

Rick has a great selection of current decade Corvettes with mileage under 40,000 and price ranges from $28, 900 on up to $74,000. Hendrick Corvette makes use of the CarFax app right on site.

Corvette Warehouse

Dallas, Texas is a great place to look for pre-owned Corvettes for sale and Corvette Warehouse is the location to shop. Their cars are recently serviced, finely tuned and ready to drive off the lot. Even low mileage Corvettes of nearly every body style can be found at Corvette Warehouse.

Corvette Warehouse’s searchable inventory allows you to browse their selection of Corvettes by model year, body type, mileage, price or even by color. Mileage ranges on their cars are from 1,400 miles to 171,000 miles. A broader selection of price ranges certainly gives you more opportunities to put yourself in an affordable Corvette with price ranges from $7,995 on up to $51,995; not to mention available financing.

Bill Kay Corvettes and Classics

Searching for a low mileage Corvette for sale in the Great Lakes Region? Try out Bill Kay Corvettes and Classics in Chicago, IL. Bill Kay has classic models from the 50’s and 60’s as well as later model Corvettes to choose from. With a large inventory, you are much more like to have better luck finding the exact car you’re looking for among their large inventory of pre-owned and certified pre-owned models.

With financing available for qualified buyers, putting yourself behind the wheel of America’s favorite classic sports car is a little bit closer to reality. More than half of Bill Kay’s Corvette inventory has mileage below 70,000. Prices range from $9,990 all the way up to $129,990 for a low mileage, mint condition 1967 convertible. WoW – I want one of those!

Roger’s Corvette Center

Florida’s largest Corvette dealership, Roger’s Corvette Center, has a nice selection of pre-owned Corvettes for sale right alongside their new models. Located in Central Florida, Roger’s Corvette Center is easy to get to from all parts of Florida. Their virtual showroom gives you a quick peek into their inventory from your computer or smart phone. Just click on the link above.

With more than SIXTY pre-owned Corvettes in stock, you have plenty of options to check out. Price ranges on Roger’s inventory are between $17,900 up to $57,900. The mileages of their cars are all under 40,000 miles. More than half of them having less than 20,000 miles. You can like Roger’s Corvette Center on Facebook to stay up to date on their latest inventory as well.


With 50% of their Corvettes being sold outside the state of Georgia, BuyaVette of Atlanta is another fantastic place to look for pre-owned Corvettes for sale. The reason they sell so many cars out of state is because of their money back guaranteed Corvette delivery to all locations in the continental United States. In 25 years of business they’ve shipped cars, fully insured and risk free to all 50 states! Now that’s impressive!

Buyavette has a broad selection of all Seven Generations of Corvette dating back to a 1961 convertible. Price ranges on their inventory are from $8,999 up to $159,000 for a 1967 supercharged convertible with low mileage and in superb condition. Financing is available to those who qualify. You don’t even have to live in or near Atlanta to take advantage of their deals.

West Coast Corvette

You won’t be left out on west coast when comes to being able to locate pre-owned Corvettes for sale. West Coast Corvette of Anaheim, California can put you in the driver’s seat of your dream car! Their range of body styles goes from the 1960s all the way up to the latest C7 styles.

West Coast Corvette has financing available for qualified buyers. The price range of the Corvettes in their inventory starts at $17,900 and goes up to $94,900. All of their Corvettes are under 100,000 miles with more than half of them being under 50,000 miles. If your on the west coast, go see our friends at West Coast Corvettes today!

Corvettes North

Who would have thought that there are pre-owned Corvettes for sale in Maine? Well, there are and they can be found at Corvettes North. David Violette has been selling Corvettes since 1970 in Waterville, Maine. His selection includes classic body styles and the newest C7 generation Corvettes.

Corvettes North offers financing, consignments and trades on Corvettes of all styles and ages. His current inventory includes vehicles in the price range from $24,995 to $69,900. The mileages of Corvettes North’s cars are all below 50,000 miles. Finding a quality, classic Corvette in the northeast isn’t outside the realm of possibilities.

Our Final Thoughts

Putting yourself in the driver’s seat of a Corvette is just a matter of locating the one you’re looking for. With plenty of pre-owned Corvettes for sale in the seven hubs scattered across the continental U.S., your dream of listening to the throaty growl of America’s favorite sports car while you idle at a traffic light is closer than you think. Contact one or several of the outlets listed above and get started on the road to purchasing a pre-owned Corvette today. If you have questions, know of other hubs not mentioned above, or have success stories to share, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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