Top Seven C4 Corvette Mods

With C4 Corvette mods you can increase both the appearance and the performance of your vehicle. The Chevy Corvette has been an incredible force in the car world for decades, combining an incredibly tuned V8 engine and a sleek, futuristic-looking chassis built for speed. It is no secret that the Corvette is a pinnacle for speed and function, but how is it possible to make the Corvette even better? This article will focus on the C4 Corvette, detailing the years 1984 – 1996.

These mods, thoroughly researched and tested by other owners, will include topics such as engine modifications, suspension management, and everything in between in order to make your C4 Corvette the first on race day.

C4 Corvette Mods

Seven Most Popular C4 Corvette Mods

1. Going Turbo

Juice up the engine with forced induction! This mod, considerably the most expensive (in the one thousand dollar range) really packs a wallop of power for your engine. Forcing more air into the mix means more power in combustion, so slamming the throttle produces a more responsive pull. A turbocharger deals with spent fumes recycled into the engine, meaning higher RPM power. A supercharger deals with lower end RPM ranges, meaning that from a stop, your C4 Corvette will take off much faster. These mods can produce considerable power, totaling up to or even greater than an additional 100hp.

2. Replacing Your Exhaust System

This option replaces the restrictive stock exhaust system for a free-flowing, more breathable option. This allows for more air to move through the engine after it is spent, meaning more air can come in. This mod replaces the original, restrictive exhaust that may be rusted or leaking with stainless steel, high-quality free-flowing one. Horsepower gains state up to 15hp, and what is even better are the sounds the exhaust makes with such a wide-open exhaust system setup.

3. Upgrading The Brake System

This C4 Corvette mod is not for speed, but with great power comes great responsibility. When going fast, it helps to be able to stop more quickly, evening out the balance between acceleration and deceleration. Replacing the brakes with rotors that are drilled or slotted will help with the cooling of the brakes, meaning they stay efficient and wear out less quickly. Another option would be bigger calipers, allowing for a double piston brake caliper setup, meaning thicker, bigger pads and more stopping power.

4. Buying The Right Set Of Wheels

These are not as much C4 Corvette mods, but a correct way to set up your ride in order to achieve a maximum effect. A car can not move without an appropriate tire. As a result, giving the car one with performance in mind gives it an edge on the street. Street performance tires are made with a special formula that allows the tire to get hot more quickly, and grip the road with a less firm tread.

white Corvette

Another option on the track is performance track tires, increasing this effect. These should never be used on the road. One last way to improve this setup is to couple your performance tire with a lightweight wheel. Though 20lbs versus 14lbs does not seem like a big difference, the difference multiplies under the concept of rotational mass. The less weight it takes to get the car moving means the quicker a car can accelerate up to speed. There are plenty of options for stylish, durable, and lightweight wheels on the performance market.

5. Upgrading or Refreshing the Suspension

These C4 Corvette mods, depending on how old your car is, maybe what you need to get your car feeling like it did coming out of the factory. This may include ball joints, control arms, tie rods, sway bar links, etc. All of these pieces wear out over time, causing decreased performance when taking turns and corners. These pieces may also be swapped for performance-minded ones as well. For instance, a thicker sway bar, meaning tighter turns and more resistance against cornering, or polyurethane bushings that are thicker and more resistant to flexing.

Another option would be to replace the stock springs and shocks. Around 100,000 miles, a set of shocks and struts typically wear out, causing decreased performance in ride and handling. Refreshing these or upgrading to an option like Bilstein or Koni gives an incredible feeling when driving, and keeps you seated in the corners. Race springs can lower your car as well, giving it a more aggressive look as well as improving acceleration and handling based on aerodynamics and the squatting of the car.

6. Buying A Performance Chip

This option varies incredibly depending on the setup a car already contains. For a stock ride, this might not increase gains in torque and horsepower incredibly well. But on an engine with C4 Corvette mods such as a turbo, exhaust, and other mods allowing for more air to enter during combustion, this is a powerful mod. The new chip will remap your system to allow more fuel to enter the mixture, accommodating for the rest of the air, and provides a more explosive reaction, making the car faster without sacrificing reliability or safety. The only downside may be a decrease in fuel efficiency. But hey, most people going for performance don’t really have fuel efficiency in mind.

7. Shorting the Shifter

If your car is not a manual, then this mod is not applicable. It does not increase the performance of the car necessarily, but decreasing the amount of time the shifter has to travel in order to enter a gear is an incredible millisecond shaving technique, providing crisp and precise shifts in order to increase the racer experience when driving a Corvette.

All of these mods can be purchased through various websites specializing in these crafts. There are companies who have been upgrading their cars for years. For a popular car like the C4 Corvette, this is especially true. A quick internet search for any of these items should take you to a reliable source of a wealth of C4 Corvette mods. An independent shop would also be able to give a good opinion on where to find reputable car mods as well.

All in all, it doesn’t take much to make the C4 Corvette even better. After all, why wouldn’t you want to make something you loved and cherished so much even greater? Research today to find out how you can put these parts on your car and be first at the finish line.












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