The Supercharged Corvette Z06

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

The supercharged Chevrolet Corvette Z06 for 2015 will rocket out at 650 horsepower which is the highest for a Chevrolet production vehicle ever! Tagging along with this very high output motor is the amazing eight-speed automatic transmission that shifts faster and smoother than ever before. This deadly combination gets this Vette out of the gate and to 60 mph in just three seconds. These super shifts are accomplished with fast electronic solenoids and other high tech electronics. Corvette Z06 also comes with a 7-speed manual transmission.

At the core of this supercharged Z06 is the all new LT4 6.2L V-8 engine built in Tonawanda, NY and the Performance Build Center in Bowling Green, KY. The Zo6 delivers 37 percent more horsepower and 40 percent more torque than the Corvette Stingray’s LT1 engine. Lightweight titanium intake valves, machined connecting rods, aluminum cylinder heads, forged aluminum pistons, stainless steel exhaust headers, standard dry-sump oiling system with larger cooler capacity are a few of the latest engine technologies designed into the Zo6.

Despite all this speed, thrust, and power, Chevrolet claims this Z06, rated at 24 mpg on the highway, is one of their most fuel efficient cars of its character. One attribute to this speed is its light weight aluminum frame that is actually more rigid assisting the Corvette at a 3450 pound weigh in.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Rear -Yellow

A wider wheel base, at almost 107 inches, gives the car a more sticky feel on the road. Using the same size wheel structure as Corvette ZR1 with 10 X 19 on the fronts and 12 X 20 in the rear, this pushed the body size out 2 inches in front of the car and over 3 inches in the back. This also gives Corvette Z06 an amazing look at an amazing price! For a base Z06, the starting price is around $85,000. Top end with lots of new options and features could run upwards of $120,000. A unique rear fascia almost identical to the standard Stingray, pushes the rear tail lights three inches apart to account for the extra width of the car.

Some New Amazing Features

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Interior -Yellow

Seven-speed manual that incorporates rev-matching technology or the eight-speed automatic with high tech electronic shift response times that takes advantage of the LT4 in the correct rpm band. What ever your choice, this new technology makes driving this Zo6 a Dream! Now to the all new and exciting interior features. Zo6 is marked with unique color schemes for a specialized driver-focused cockpit and a totally unique flat-bottomed steering wheel. A new magnesium seat structure gives greater strength and support for the driver as well as less weight. The available trim packages for the interior offer materials such as Napa leather, aluminum, carbon fiber and micro-suede.

An 8-inch retractable diagonal high-definition touch screen is mounted in the dash. Controlled by steering wheel, voice recognition  or hand gesture recognition you can talk and text hands-free, stream music, plus access a wide range of functions including navigation. Other interior high tech features include Bose premium audio system, satellite radio, 3-D navigation maps, an SD card slot, an audio input jack and Bluetooth wireless technology.

Exterior goodies such as the dual functional grill that features outlets on the bottom that function as air diffusers and dedicated brake cooling intakes. Funneling hot air away from the engine compartment is accomplished through a0 larger hood vent. This also contributes to downforce and allows air forced through the grill to pass through the hood rather than being trapped under the car that in turn creates lift. Larger front fender vents and special air blades over the inlets on the rear fenders provide 50 percent more air cooling the transmission.

Carbon Fiber Options

Chevrolet offers its clients for Zo6 the option to upgrade the look of the car with a carbon-fiber aero package that places a carbon fiber front splitter with aviation-style winglets, a larger rear spoiler that helps increase downforce and carbon-fiber rocker panels. Zo6 also offers standard lightweight spin-cast aluminum wheels mounted with Michelin tires at P285/30ZR19 on the front paws and 335/25ZR20 at the rear paws. To stop the monster, Brembo brakes that feature two-piece steel rotors, pinched by aluminum six-piston calipers up front and four-piston fixed calipers in the rear. 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Interior -Yellow

The 2015 Supercharged Corvette Zo6 sends a distinctive message to the supercar manufacturers. Chevrolet is telling the world through this all new Zo6, “take a good look at us now”! Chevrolet’s 650 horsepower monster is not just for the $200,000+ club. No, this beautiful engineering masterpiece has a definite price point that becomes affordable, loveable, reachable and but truly makes Corvette Dreamers out of us all!


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