Corvette Sinkhole in a Karst State

Kentucky, USA is the ranked as the 7th most dangerous state for sinkholes in the country, and literily, there are thousands of sinkholes across the state. Luckily, most of them have been reported as very small, but every now and again you get a really big one that can swallow eight Corvettes in just … [Read more...]

National Corvette Museum At Bowling Green, Kentucky

When people that have a passion for something bring their minds together, amazing things can turn out as a result! The founders of the National Corvette Museum had just that - pure passion for a popular two-seater sports car that would win over the hearts of many around the world! It started out … [Read more...]

The Corvette Museum: Learning the History of Chevy Corvettes

For the lovers of everything Corvette, there is only one place on this earth that properly amasses everything that we adore about them. In south-central Kentucky, in the United States, those who decide to pick up a map and pay a visit will be able to notice two havens dedicated to admiration for the … [Read more...]