Corvette Concept Car – The First Years

Concept cars often tend to get lost in the tides of time, especially the Corvette concept car models which belonged to such a historically long-lived brand. We’ve benefited from the wondrous features and marvels of the Corvette for well over half a century now, but none of this would have been … [Read more...]

What’s The Mako Shark All About? (1968-1973)

Did Someone Say "SHARK"? With flared fenders flying high above the front wheels and a flamboyant front end favoring the nose of a shark, the 1968 Corvette, nicknamed the Mako Shark was spawned! The original concept car was almost four years old by now and was originally designed with a … [Read more...]

The First Stingray (1963-1967)

Corvette Earns The Name "Stingray" Five decades after its introduction, the 1963 Corvette remains one of the most daring, comprehensive and completely thrilling automotive sports car designs of the century. Many sports car admirers would proclaim, the ’63-'67 Corvette Stingrays are the most … [Read more...]