Corvette Concept Car – The First Years

Concept cars often tend to get lost in the tides of time, especially the Corvette concept car models which belonged to such a historically long-lived brand. We’ve benefited from the wondrous features and marvels of the Corvette for well over half a century now, but none of this would have been … [Read more...]

1958 Corvette Overview: Specs and Performance

The 1958 Corvette was designed at a time when cars with four headlamps were considered flashy. The model itself is excessively stylized, which is why many Corvette fans love it. Furthermore, the design and improvements in functionality we see in this model did a lot to raise the sales of the … [Read more...]

A History Of Corvette Generations: From Creation To Present

There have been quite a few Corvette generations so far and it seems like an eighth one is right around the corner. This means there’s hardly a better time to sit back and rewind, look back on the incredible journey of America’s favorite sports car. In honor of the steady (but sure) approach of the … [Read more...]

From the 1963 Corvette to the 2015 Z06: Ranking the Best

Don’t be fooled by the title – there’s no particular order. And even if there were, even at its worst, the Chevrolet Corvette has left its huge mark on the automobile industry by becoming a title almost instantly associated with the elite of supercars. Numerous models have been released through the … [Read more...]

The Corvette Museum: Learning the History of Chevy Corvettes

For the lovers of everything Corvette, there is only one place on this earth that properly amasses everything that we adore about them. In south-central Kentucky, in the United States, those who decide to pick up a map and pay a visit will be able to notice two havens dedicated to admiration for the … [Read more...]

Pricing Your Corvette: All You Need to Know

This article will guide you through pricing your Corvette, and our list of figures will at the very least give you a place to start when pricing your corvette or better yet, when you're looking to buy. The Chevrolet Corvette has been present in the dreams of both boys and men for more than 60 years. … [Read more...]

The 1953 Corvette: All You Need to Know

When it comes to classic sports cars, few names are as well-known as Chevrolet’s 1953 Corvette. Now on its 7th generation, the Corvette has been a permanent fixture in car shows across the United States for more than 60 years. The 1953 Corvette was the first model to be introduced to the public at … [Read more...]

1957 Chevrolet Corvette ‘Fuelie’

Coolie Fuelie! In late 1956, Chevrolet, in direct competition with Plymouth and Ford, accepted the idea of introducing 'fuel injection'. This was premature for Chevrolet, however a must to stay in this very competitive game. This new arrival to the Corvette didn't come without complications! … [Read more...]

1978 Chevrolet Corvette – Fastback?

Whats A Fastback? We are talking about the very famous 25th Anniversary Corvette, the first Anniversary Edition Corvette every made! Yes, it had to be special to earn this honor. And who was going to be spearheading this new design? The original design dream team had long been gone. Harley Earl … [Read more...]

Important Chevrolet Corvettes

These are, to Corvette Dreamers, the most important Corvette models over the years, but truth be known we'd enjoy any kind of 'Vette. With only three hundred units produced in its first year, over two-hundred are known to exist today! All 300 units came in Polo White exterior with red interiors … [Read more...]