Corvette Car Shows You Should Know About

Chevrolet Corvettes are some of the most iconic American cars ever built, with vintage models being prized by car collectors around the world. With their status as a classic American sports cars, it’s unsurprising that you can find representatives of the Corvette lineage in almost every classic car … [Read more...]

The 1953 Corvette: All You Need to Know

When it comes to classic sports cars, few names are as well-known as Chevrolet’s 1953 Corvette. Now on its 7th generation, the Corvette has been a permanent fixture in car shows across the United States for more than 60 years. The 1953 Corvette was the first model to be introduced to the public at … [Read more...]

Understanding the Split Window Corvette Legacy

After the early success of the first Corvette in 1953, there was a lot of pressure on the second generation of Stingray, Split Window Corvette models to solidify the iconic image that the brand was slowly but surely establishing. First generation Corvettes managed to become All-American icons … [Read more...]

Chevrolet Corvette – Is This The Best Sports Car?

You Bet It Is! Definitely a convincing drive, the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 will make you a Corvette lover, if your not already one. By investing time into this American made sports car, you will quickly see that it not only looks great, it drives great too!  If your in the market for a true … [Read more...]

Corvette Stingray – What’s In The Name?

CORVETTE STINGRAY, We Like It! The name Corvette comes from the smallest class of vessel considered to be a warship. The typical size of the modern Corvette is between 500 tons and 2,000 tons although recent designs may approach 3,000 tons, which might instead be considered a small frigate. It is … [Read more...]

Corvette C6 2005 – 2009 Part I

When it comes to building a great car that competes with luxury high performances cars two to three times its price, the engineers at Chevrolet know how to do it right! The best formulas of the C5 were used as a base, however the objective was to improve what was already a success. Refinement and … [Read more...]

Shawn Wood’s Corvette Love Story

Hey Shawn, Why 2013? I still get asked these two questions: "Why did you buy that 2013 Sixtieth Year Anniversary Edition Corvette? Why didn’t you wait for the new C7 Corvettes to come out and buy one of those"? Well as my story entire life I dreamed of the day when I could buy a … [Read more...]

What’s The Mako Shark All About? (1968-1973)

Did Someone Say "SHARK"? With flared fenders flying high above the front wheels and a flamboyant front end favoring the nose of a shark, the 1968 Corvette, nicknamed the Mako Shark was spawned! The original concept car was almost four years old by now and was originally designed with a … [Read more...]

Matt Long’s Corvette Story

My affection for Corvettes began as a young kid   When I was around 8 my dad got me a poster of all the Corvettes that had been made year to date, it was 1984, and it was this poster. I would lay in my bed supposed to be asleep looking at the poster thinking about how awesome those cars … [Read more...]

Doug MacDonald – My Love affair with Corvette

My love affair with Corvette started when I was around 11 years old My brother (Dave MacDonald) was drag racing his 1958 Corvette all over Southern California drag strips and held the record as the "Fastest Corvette in the West"! But, not till he started Road Racing his Vettes, did I become a … [Read more...]