The Turbo Corvette That Never Was

Did Someone Say Turbo? Amazing as it may sound, Chevrolet made some strides in experimental engines in the early 1960s with 1962 Corvair Monza. These options would be an attempt to develop more horsepower into the smaller engines build for these smaller vehicles. GM also optioned the 1962 … [Read more...]

Corvette C4 – 1984-1996 Part I

Corvette C4 - Part I 1984-1989 If someone every tries to sell you a 1983 Corvette…BUY IT! It would be the most RARE Corvette ever! NOT true! Hey, what happened to 1983? The drastic change from the previous-generation Corvette to the new one was so radical that it took a while to get the Bowling … [Read more...]

The Case Of The Missing 1983 Corvette

The Year The Corvette Went Missing There are plenty of different makes and models of cars that are on the market today, but one of the most popular (and perhaps best looking) is the Chevrolet Corvette. It’s hard to find a car that lives up to the name or Corvette, especially when so many cars seem … [Read more...]

Matt Long’s Corvette Story

My affection for Corvettes began as a young kid   When I was around 8 my dad got me a poster of all the Corvettes that had been made year to date, it was 1984, and it was this poster. I would lay in my bed supposed to be asleep looking at the poster thinking about how awesome those cars … [Read more...]