New Corvette Emojis For iPhone

Corvette Emojis For Your Favorite Vette Nut America's favorite sports car has recently hit the emoji scene! Yes, that's right, you can now get your iphone, running iOS 10, all geared up with Corvette emoji's while you text your friends. If you love using emojis and you are a diehard Chevrolet … [Read more...]

The Birth of the Little Corvette

Most Corvette enthusiasts know the birthday of the Corvette was June 30, 1953 in Flint, Michigan. What most don’t know about the Corvette’s grandfather (General Motors), is that no corporation even came close to General Motors in its size, the scope of its enterprise or its profits. GM was twice as … [Read more...]

First Generation Corvettes (1953-1962)

The Birth of the Corvette - June, 1953 As the 1953 Corvette emerged, it was very appealing to the eye, plus with the fiberglass body, Corvette became the only vehicle of its kind right out of the factory! Still in all, it wasn’t perfect by no stretch of the imagination. Its chassis was stolen from … [Read more...]