Spectacular Corvette Gift Ideas

Corvette Gift Ideas For The Loved One Who Can’t Get Enough

If you’re in need of corvette gift ideas that can leave a lasting impression, ask yourself one question: is the receiver a Corvette enthusiast? Because if the answer is yes, we’ve rounded up some of the most eye-catchy and memorable Corvette gifts for you to seek inspiration from.

Corvette Stingray Rollerball Pen

We’ll start off easy with a gift idea that is available to all budgets out there. You don’t have to literally drive a Corvette up to the doorstep of your friend (or family member) to impress them. As long as it’s reminiscent of their favorite car, we guarantee they’ll love it even if this seems unlikely when we’re talking about a pen.


Pens are actually very common gifts and that’s because they symbolize a lot. Some pens out there are actually more expensive than a proper Corvette model, so with an object so small you can communicate that you put a lot of effort in that gift. By offering a Corvette Stingray rollerball pen, you’re saying “Hey, it’s not luxurious, but I paid enough attention to your hobbies and the things you love.” Trust us, it will be priceless!


Corvette Monopoly

Why would we recommend a Monopoly game in a guide on Corvette gift ideas? Because it’s a definitive 3-in-1 gift, we answer! Sure, you’re not offering anything that’s boldly branded with the iconic Corvette emblem, but that doesn’t make it an uninspired choice. Players of Corvette Monopoly get to experience the same gameplay as the classic version, except, this time, they purchase famous brands, Chevrolet included.

The cherry on top, though, is the fact that you can play your way to victory using a shiny Corvette token, which might be enough to sell over any lover of America’s sweetheart sports car. It’s a small detail, but it will certainly help all of you feel more enthusiastic while playing the game. Did we mention that it’s super affordable too?


Meguiar’s Car Care Kit


One of the favorite pastimes of any Corvette lover is caring for their car, so you can never go wrong with Corvette gift ideas that are very practical. Sure, something like this doesn’t exactly carry any artistic value, but its practicality will weigh a lot more to the person receiving the gift. Although there are several kinds of car care kits on the market, we recommend one from Meguiar, a company renowned for its high-quality products. This respective kit contains everything from tire gel, car wash substances, microfiber towels, wash mitts, interior cleaners, etc. It will keep the happy gift receiver busy for quite a long time. The only downside is that they might end up spending more time with the car instead of spending time with you. But, hey, it’s a sacrifice worth making.


1:18 2014 Corvette Stingray

A small replica of a Corvette can make for an excellent gift. It’s all regardless of whether your friend is a long-time collector or just getting started. We get an especially brilliant choice if your friend is new in the world of Corvette. If they discovered their passion for the brand relatively recently, all the better. You can help them set in motion a proper replica collection. The first piece will be a gift from you. Isn’t that awesome?Alternatively, if they’ve been hardcore collectors for a while now, chances are that they already have this piece. Just ask for a tour of their collection and seek out any models that they do not have. Replace this 2014 Corvette Stingray replica for it and you’re settled.


Corvette Car Cover

If you have more money to spare, then you can pretty much solve the gift issue. Do it by immediately investing in some actual car accessories. Someone who truly loves their car will try to keep it clean and neat-looking for as long as possible. To help them preserve their precious Corvette, you can seek out auto shops that can craft a custom car cover. It may not seem like a car cover is the flashiest or prettiest of Corvette gifts. This is why it would be a fun idea to personalize it. Either choose a funky color scheme or try printing something else that’s dear to the car owner.

There are many places that sell car covers and nearly just as many that can provide personalized versions. It’s all up to personal preference, really.

Seventh Generation Corvette Watch

Corvette Gifts - C7 Watch


Watches have always made really classy and telling gifts. But watches that add a dose of personalizing are even more impressive. Part of the exclusive Corvette Collection, only 100 pieces of this watch have been made. So, you can understand where the spicy price tag comes from. The watch features a high-carbon fiber dial face with a black leather band.

Of course, the selling part of this high-class watch is the image of the iconic seventh generation Corvette flags. With a gift like this, you’d be able to easily deter the infamous “who uses a watch anymore?” question. Sure, you might use your phone instead. But it won’t beat the feeling of having a Corvette exclusive wrapped around your wrist.

Corvette Heritage Neon Sign


The topper of this list in terms of sheer expensiveness is a bold neon sign showcasing Corvette’s iconic font and the logo. It’s a wonderful addition for any enthusiast who enjoys spending time in their garage working on their Corvette. It might also make for an interesting wall decoration in a living room or a bedroom. It all depends on how much they want to put their love for the car up for display. You might think it’s a strange choice, but it can actually become a token of pride. It matters for the Corvette owner who wants everyone to know that they own the best sports car around.









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