Shawn Wood’s Corvette Love Story

Hey Shawn, Why 2013?

I still get asked these two questions: “Why did you buy that 2013 Sixtieth Year Anniversary Edition Corvette? Why didn’t you wait for the new C7 Corvettes to come out and buy one of those”? Well as my story goes….my entire life I dreamed of the day when I could buy a Corvette. I didn’t care what year or what model…whatever! I just wanted to own my very own Corvette. I had always had my eye on nice used ones, I could never make it happen. I had pretty much given up my dream of ever owning a Corvette.

Then one day, just a week before Christmas in 2013, I took my Chevrolet Silverado pickup to the dealership for an oil change. While waiting for my truck to come back I strolled over to the showroom to basically check out the new LT1 Camaro. I walked over towards the Camaro and sitting next to it was this beautiful silver 2013 60th Anniversary Corvette with a big red bow on it. I then climbed in, sat down and started checking her out. Wow what a beautiful car I thought! Navigation screen, 6-speed, and the most beautiful red and black interior with a tinted targa (removable) top! Needless to say I was spell bound.

A Corvette Dream…Not A Dream Anymore!

Shawn Wood at Showroom with 2013 Corvette

Shawn Wood at Showroom with 2013 Corvette

So I went back to pick up my truck and as I’m walking, I spotted my salesman who had sold me my truck a few years earlier. We chatted for a few minutes and I joked with him about the beautiful 2013 Corvette. He asked me if I was interested in it. I told him yes, see if you can make it happen. The whole time I’m thinking no-way would I ever own that beautiful silver sports car. Later that evening I get a call from the salesman and he says “Hey Shawn, are you serious about the Corvette”? I said yes, I love it, but I know there is no way I will ever be able to buy it.

So the next day I drive down to the dealership and my salesman walks up and says “Hey Shawn, the Corvette is yours, if you want it!” By now, I’m shocked beyond belief. He said that car had been sitting in our showroom since August and nobody wanted to buy it. So my manager said it’s been sitting here to long, get it out of here and let Mr. Wood have it if he wants it. I’m tired of looking at it. I couldn’t believe my ears! I was speechless!

She Called Out My Name!

I’m sure all my fellow Corvette owners already know that beautiful car was speaking to me. She was calling out my name. She was built just for me and nobody wanted her but me. I believe that cars have souls just like us. My 2013 C6 Corvette that nobody wanted is now where she belongs….with me! And I also know that she will be eternally grateful, we are one, just her and I…soul-mates forever!

Shawn Wood sitting in his 2013 Corvettte

Shawn Wood 2013 Corvettte

I have been blessed to meet and make a lot of new friends since buying my Corvette. It all started as I left the showroom. People clapped and cheered and so many people congratulated me and told me they can’t wait for the day they too can live their dream when they get their first Corvette!

And that’t why we call this Corvette Dreamer!

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