Pricing Your Corvette: All You Need to Know

This article will guide you through pricing your Corvette, and our list of figures will at the very least give you a place to start when pricing your corvette or better yet, when you’re looking to buy. The Chevrolet Corvette has been present in the dreams of both boys and men for more than 60 years. Ever since the first model left that make-shift assembly line back in 1953, the Corvette has been going strong as one of the most popular and recognizable All-American sports cars on the market. Continued design changes, ingenious engineering, reliable construction and best bang for your buck performance has made the Corvette one of the most popular sports cars year after year.. With a devoted fan-base and a dedicated team constantly looking to improve the speed and resilience of each model, Corvettes have been delivering the same speed and power as their competitors for what is often a fraction of the price.

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Answering the Common Question: How Much Is My Corvette Worth?

To answer that question and proceed with pricing your Corvette, we should first look at the unique impact that each generation of Corvettes has had on American culture throughout the years. New Corvette models are obviously attractive because of their powerful engines and performance, as well as their modern designs. But to many Corvette enthusiasts older Corvette models remind them of simpler times have become valuable collector items.

The price of your Corvette will depend on the model, the generation it is part of, and its condition. Needless to say, original vehicles that have suffered only a few, small alterations will be more valuable to collectors than heavily customized ones. For modern Corvettes, it will depend on the power and desirability of each vehicle as well as on the technical specs it has.

First Generation Corvette Price Range

The C1 or the first generation of Corvettes began with the iconic 1953 Corvette that began what would be the C1 legacy. With only 300 cars produced, the original model is now one of the most, if not the most desirable vintage Corvette, as it is certainly the rarest. The first generation of Corvettes extends until 1962. There is a significant difference in value between the 1953 original Corvette and the other models pertaining to the first generation, so keep this in mind when pricing your Corvette. This is mostly due to the rarity of the 1953 Corvette: only 225 vehicles from the 300 ever produced have been accounted for up until now. The average price for a first generation Corvette will vary depending on the production year for each:

  • 1953 Corvette- $185,000
  • 1954 Corvette- $58,500
  • 1955 Corvette- $71,250
  • 1956 Corvette- $ 62,750
  • 1957 Corvette- $ 71,300
  • 1958 Corvette- $ 65,000
  • 1959 Corvette- $ 58,750
  • 1960 Corvette- $ 56,400
  • 1061 Corvette- $ 51,200
  • 1962 Corvette- $ 54,450

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Pricing Your Corvette for Second Generation Corvette Stingray

The C2 or the second generation Corvettes were produced between 1963 and 1967 and debuted the Sting Ray design. It was, overall, smaller than the first generation vehicles. With its innovative design and increased horsepower, the Sting Ray was an immediate hit. A new architecture was developed for the Sting Ray: the center of gravity was dropped and a new, independent rear suspension design was added to the vehicle. These changes considerably increased the car’s performance, making it a powerful sports car able to complete with any contender. The first Stingray, the model produced in 1963, was the only one to feature the split rear window. Until 1963, all the Corvettes had been roadsters. The 1963 Sting Ray was the first to offer a coupe version. When pricing your Corvette, keep in mind these average prices for vehicles pertaining to the C2 generation:

  • 1963 Corvette- Coupe: $ 65,600/ Roadster: $ 44,300
  • 1964 Corvette- Coupe: $ 38,900/ Roadster: $ 41,650
  • 1965 Corvette- Coupe: $ 47,000/ Roadster: $ 51,500
  • 1966 Corvette- Coupe: $ 49,700/ Roadster: $ 55,000
  • 1967 Corvette- Coupe: $ 59,100/ Roadster: $ 61,150

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Third Generation Chevy Corvette Price Range

Continuing to draw from the Mako shark design that first inspired the Sting Ray, the third generation or C3 Corvettes went into production in 1968. It was the perfect year to launch a new generation of Corvettes, as General Motors celebrated Corvette’s 15th anniversary that year and this generation spans through 1978 which is the 25th anniversary edition. Two special anniversary models were launched, the Indy Pace Car replica edition of the C3 and the two-tone Silver Anniversary model. The second generation of Sting Ray Corvettes was bolder in terms of body design and interior but maintained most of the chassis and engine components of the C2 generation Corvettes. Later models became more powerful and offered better performance (definitely worth keeping in mind when pricing your Corvette). The innovative and bold design made the C3 generation Corvettes receive the “Shark” nickname as they were masculine and powerful. The first C3 model was released in 1968, and the last model to be part of this generation debuted in 1982. C3 Corvettes were available as T-Tops or Roadsters. Average prices for the third generation Corvettes are:

  • 1968 Corvette- T-Top: $ 22,250/ Roadster: $ 25,800
  • 1969 Corvette- T-Top: $ 25,450/ Roadster: $ 29,900
  • 1970 Corvette- T-Top: $ 26,700/ Roadster: $ 30,400
  • 1971 Corvette- T-Top: $ 23,000/ Roadster: $ 25,800
  • 1972 Corvette- T-Top: $ 23,900/ Roadster: $ 26,700
  • 1973 Corvette- T-Top: $ 15,350/ Roadster: $ 19,300
  • 1974 Corvette- T-Top: $ 10,250/ Roadster: $ 18,150
  • 1975 Corvette- T-Top: $ 11,100/ Roadster: $ 20,500
  • 1976 Corvette- T-Top: $ 9,900
  • 1977 Corvette- T-Top: $ 10,500
  • 1978 Corvette- T-Top: $ 9,000/ Silver Anniversary: $ 13,500/ Indy Pace Car: $ 18,750
  • 1979 Corvette- T-Top: $ 10,500
  • 1980 Corvette- T-Top: $ 11,700
  • 1981 Corvette- T-Top: $ 11,900
  • 1982 Corvette- T-Top: $ 12,800/ Collector’s Edition: $ 15,000

Generation 4 Corvettes: The Corvette Revolution

Starting with the C4 generation, the Corvette was completely redesigned. Sports cars were undergoing a massive transformation at the time, with top manufacturers such as Ferrari and Porsche competing for speed records and performance levels. As the industry progressed, the 4th generation of Corvette vehicles evolved with it. With a power and performance-oriented approach towards this new generation, the C4 Corvettes that debuted in 1983 and were produced until 1996 became high-performance cars. With each model more powerful than the previous one, Corvettes starting with the 4th generation vehicles have been competing for speed and resilience with top contenders on the market, often for a fraction of the costs. The C4 generation started a Corvette revolution that remains part of the Vette legacy today. Pricing your Corvette for C4 models is a bit trickier, as prices can vary more than in previous generations, but you can still expect to make good money for your legendary car.

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