NCRS – What’s It All About?

The NCRS or National Corvette Restorers Society is the perfect environment for people seeking a place to share their passion for Corvettes. See how you can get in and what you can actually do when accepted.

The Corvette has managed to attract plenty of people that sought to appreciate its contribution to the automobile world. That is, beyond your average car driver’s possibilities or desire. And, as such, many clubs and gatherings ramified out of sheer passion. These days, every state has at least one crowd of people that they can share their love for the Corvette with. Then we also have the clubs that are not only national, but also global, amassing those with similar interests from all over the world. With a tradition of over forty years, the National Corvette Restorers Society is the perfect example.

National Corvette Restorers Society


National Corvette Restorers Society: History & Context

To understand how a society of this caliber came to be, we need to understand the context of the time period. Its roots were dug into the ground in the early 70s, a time when Corvette clubs weren’t a novelty anymore. However, it’s Corvette’s very own timelessness that perpetually encourages the birth and existence of these gatherings.

Surely, driving a Corvette, especially during the time when it was one of the biggest stars in the spotlight of the automobile industry, is a thing of prestige. The NCRS started taking shape only a few years after arguably the most popular and applauded model in the history of the Corvette had been exhibited and released.

Corvette Stingray Convertible

But it’s not all about prestige. What these Corvette lovers adore even more is the car’s flexibility. It’s fun to modify it, to tune it, to give boosts to it, to restore it. Similarly to how you can improve anything by simply adding a little bit of polish. For this reason alone, there’s no wonder that restorers are all over the brand.

Ed Thiebaud was only a passionate Corvette parts collector, whose passion motivated him to go for the next step and gather around all people who shared his vision. The process wasn’t exactly easy and it was more so like a combination of the snowball effect and a domino effect. It escalated from a collection to a Corvette swap meet and to a full-fledged association. What’s important is that, when all this were through and through, a club was formed in 1974 and started operating under the name National Corvette Restorers Society.

British Columbia NCRS Chapter


What Is This All About?

The notion of a club or a society can be a bit abstract, especially in the eyes of someone that never had anything to do with either of those. This is why your main question might be “what do we even do there?” All societies are spawned out of love, passion, and a desire to create an unity through them. Luckily, activities aren’t all narrowed down to sitting in a circle and boasting about why Corvette is the best.

For example, take the technical gatherings

On established, regular dates, members of the National Corvette Restorers Society all come together for tech sessions. The hosts of these sessions are mostly restorers and people with sufficient knowledge in the mechanical field. By operating a variety of restoration tasks on their own Corvettes, they’re able to teach the members how it’s done. In other words, with enough attention, anyone is able to pick up a few tips and be able after a while to perform their own reparations.

And even if it seems difficult at first, you never have to worry about asking for in-depth explanations. After all, what Corvette lover wouldn’t want to aid a fellow Corvette lover to keep their vehicle afloat? The fun part is that, alternatively, if you already join the club with a baggage of technical knowledge, you can apply to become a tech session host yourself.


There’s, of course, the social aspect of it all

The heads of the NCRS org are thorough enough to kindly avoid leaving their members to their own devices. Just like any respectable club, they organize gatherings and social events, some of which are even annual, that unite their fellow Corvette lovers.

Here are some examples:

  • Member Get Togethers: Winter Social, Spring Casual Night Out, Chili Challenge.
  • Chapter Oriented: Chapter Picnic, Chapter Road Trip, Road Trips to the National Convention.
  • Car Shows

But their main feature remains judging

The Arizona Corvette club prides itself with their judging feature. They’re proudly parading their widely accepted status as a haven of reliable information regarding the quality of the numbers of Corvettes released between 1953 and 1996. It’s not a judging contest, it’s not a survey, and it doesn’t pit your Corvette against other members.

The National Corvette Restorers Society chooses to pit the Corvettes against factory standards. All of their determinations are taken seriously and conducted with a manual in hand. This is a feat that has been part of their portfolio for over three decades, which definitely vouches for the reliability that so many people get from them.

Tech Session



You’re probably thinking by now, “That’s cool! Where do I sign up?”

A normal national Corvette club doesn’t need to worry about these particularities, but the notoriety of the NCRS led to it offering three types of memberships:

  • The USA Membership – $45
  • The Canada Membership – $52
  • The International Membership – $60

So, regardless of where you are, your social experience amid a widely-spread group of Corvette lovers is close. It’s on this Corvette website, one click away from a truly thorough experience. You can find their membership sections and take up on them on the society’s website.

1965 Chevrolet Corvette - White Roadster

Conclusion: Why Join?

As described by the North Central Chapter guidebook, membership comes with a host of benefits and prospects:

  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Annual calendar of activities
  • Updated website with all pertinent Chapter info
  • Assigned mentor for each new member (optional)
  • Many member resources to advise on restoration issues
  • At least one Chapter judging meet per year
  • Chapter sponsored technical and social activities each month
  • At least two Chapter sponsored judging schools per year

What about member obligations?

You can stay relaxed because all the National Corvette Restorers Society asks for is involvement, which should be rather obvious. This includes occasional volunteering, sharing your eventual knowledge with members, and other activities suited to the taste of Corvette lovers everywhere.






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