Matt Long’s Corvette Story

My affection for Corvettes began as a young kid



Corvette 1953 – 1984 Poster

When I was around 8 my dad got me a poster of all the Corvettes that had been made year to date, it was 1984, and it was this poster. I would lay in my bed supposed to be asleep looking at the poster thinking about how awesome those cars were. How cool it would be to own one some day. I liked the brown ones the best but still thought it was a weird color for such an awesome car.

Fast forward to few years to driving around in my dads pick up with friends, nothing better to do than burn $.99/Gallon gas and listed to music. At a stop light a blue and white 94 ZR-1 pulls up next to us. I do the obligatory “REVVVV” of the Dodge’s 360 (which fitted with cherry bomb “mufflers” sounded pretty good) motor in the hopes he will rev back. He looks over and my friend must have had a devious grin on his face because he revved back. Light turned green, we both floored it and he was, GONE!

As he was disappearing down the road ahead of us my buddy looked at me and said “That is the best looking ass I’ve ever seen on a car!” We caught up to him at the next light, thanked him for the “show” and he said “No problem boys!”

Life shows up sometimes before you know it

Life goes on and before I know it I’m married with 2 kids and a great career selling homes. Still never lost my love of Corvettes but it was always on the back burner. Then life got ugly and I found myself a divorced father of two trying to run a business, be a great dad to my two beautiful daughters, get back on track with life and suddenly finding the desire to actually own a Corvette growing and growing. Business was good and I was tired of the truck I’d had for several years, so the search was on. Then a good friend got a C6 with 700hp and while it was blue, I was green with envy.

Dreams do come true


Matt Longs Atomic Orange C6

As the reality of owning one became more real I had to make some decisions. What color did I want? How much horsepower did I want? How would I transport my kids? and so on. Then I found a perfect car for client and kids that was not very expensive. Purchased it and within days found my dream Corvette, at a dealership by my house called Vette Culture. Gino made the appointment to go see it and I was hooked. Every one I had seen before I was disappointed in the interior, not this one, the two tone leather made it much more classy than any I had previously seen. I told him I wanted it and literally 45 minutes later I was driving off in MY Corvette C6, Atomic Orange, Two tone leather interior, Z51 package and a 6 speed manual….and it was MINE!

I try my best to always drive it right and when somebody around me wants a show, I give it to them. I imagine the conversations in the cars around me, ones like I used to have. “Hey check out that Vette….$20 it’s an old man or a blue haired lady”. Then they pull up and see a young guy living his dream. I was surprised the vanity plate “DREAMC6” was available but it was so I snapped it up.

A month after owning the car I took it up HWY 1 with my girlfriend and asked her to marry me while on the Pacific Coast, waves crashing behind us and a C6 in the parking lot. She said yes, it was a perfect day, second only to the birth of my two daughters.

Not sure how long I’ll get to call this dream car “mine” or what the future holds for other Corvettes in my garage but I know this….owning one is much better than wanting to own one. Speaking of which its sitting in the parking lot now….I gotta go.

And that’s why we call this Corvette Dreamer!

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