Martine Paille-Gray’s Corvette Love Story

How A Women Develops A Passion For Cars

So here’s a females Corvette Love Story. Let me start by explaining how a women developed a passion for cars. As a little girl I spent a lot of time with my dad and brothers. Our “family car” was a 64 blue Chevy Impala. My parents gave it to my twin brothers when they turned 16 and behind my mother’s back and against her will they turned it into a drag car. I would spend Friday nights at International Raceway watching them drag race. That developed a love for the sounds of power and the smell of victory!  I LOVE the sound of a roaring engine. I would ride around with my French father who had a love for American cars and as we drove he would quiz me on the model and year of each car we saw but there was always a pause and a moment of respect when we’d see a Corvette.

Martine's C2 Convertible

Corvette – A Symbol Of American Excellence

I was taught at a young age this was more than just a car but this was a symbol of American excellence and what they loved about a foreign country they had migrated to, America! I’m not sure how old I was the first time I saw a Vette. I’m sure I was small but I remember at about 8 we were visiting a family when their teenage girl I admired was picked up by a new boyfriend in a Corvette! I stood on their porch wide eyed and amazed that i was that close to knowing someone who owned one! They continued to date and soon I was offered a ride!!!!!! I didn’t come down from that experience for weeks!!!! So as I grew up and married a man with the same passion for cars we owned many classics and my main cars were usually Mustangs from a 64 Convertible to a 2008 Gt and many in between. To me it was a step down from my dream but due to finances and needing a back seat to hall kids this was the best I could do.

Martine's Corvette

A “Sweet” Surprise!

On my 50th Birthday my husband had sacrificed and saved to purchase me my first CORVETTE!!!! It took the sting of aging away and restored my youth!!! Now at 51 I’ve upgraded twice and just sold my third. I’m now in the marked for a Grand Sport and trying to survive this temporary Vettless season but excited about the search for my new baby!!! This year (2016) my car and I were featured in the VetteGirls Calendar and this is the picture for April!!!

Martine's C5 Convertible

“Blessed Beyond Words”

So blessed to be a Vette Chick and the Lord has used it to meet great people and open more doors than I could have imagined!! I now have a daily devotion site with over 1000 Corvette owner followers. Blessed beyond words!!!

Martine's Convertible

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