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The Kerbeck Corvette is essentially a heaven for all those seeking used, repaired, and other Corvettes that simply put aren’t fresh out of the water like a recently forged diamonds. It’s tempting to immediately jump to the conclusion that “used” automatically equals some form of automobile retail, a second-hand dealership that only gets you the second best of your possibilities. In some instances, it may be true.

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Kerbeck Corvette has been trying to steer away from the stereotypes and traditional disinterest ever since it established itself in 1994. Focusing solely around Corvettes, they’ve managed to ascend as the world’s topping Corvette dealership company, succeeding through both price, quality, and the seriousness of their services.

What’s more, they managed to properly express their serious intentions by striking deals with Chevrolet and letting their name echo in the Corvette community with the items up for sale. One of the most amazing achievements of Kerbeck Corvette, however, has to be the fact that they’re the proud possessors of the oldest Corvette in the world. The car was first released in 1953 and it was part of a production batch of three cars, one of which was a concept car prototype. The two full-fledged Corvettes were showcased at the Waldorf-Astoria showroom. Oldest_Corvette

What They Do

So, what exactly can you expect by paying Kerbeck Corvette a visit (whether in person or online via their website)? Aside from browsing through a catalogue of used Corvettes, you can go for the whole package and grab along with your new car some accessories that will help for restoration. Kerbeck Corvette offers accessories for car models from the year 2001 onwards not only for Corvettes, but for a variety of other Chevrolet models too.

But if you seek to pursue a much more consistent restoration, you might need to put to the side the accessories provided by Kerbeck Corvette and turn to the many other companies that support restoration with pieces and other parts vital to breathe new life into an used car.1966 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Eckler’s Corvette

The main advantage of Eckler’s Corvette is that, unlike Kerbeck, it was made entirely for the purpose of providing restoration parts and accessories. With this focus as the main priority, they’ve managed to bring together pieces and accessories for all generations of Corvettes, starting from 1953’s C1 and the latest C6 released in 2014. As new models are released, their catalogue gets upgraded too.

Reviewers of Eckler’s services praised them for a multitude of things, including the completion of their collection, the affordable prices, and, above all, the much sought after price-quality ratio that never fails to steal a smile from a customer’s face.

Eckler’s prides itself with the variety of their products and they want you to know that they’ve also got the original interior trim under their belt by bringing to your table things such as original door panels, seat covers, dash pads, carpeting, consoles, and other types of hard trim. Exteriors are also covered and the line-up of available products is impressive enough for us to know that it would take us a while to go through them all.

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West Coast Corvette

Good ol’ WCC has been in the business for over 30 years during which they’ve managed to bring towards them many loyal and happy customers. Since variety is the key word and the main reason why many of these companies are on this list, it’s only natural that it’s a regular inclusion in the vocabulary of the WCC higher-ups too. They provide Corvette owners with pre-owned Corvettes, Accessories, Performance Parts, or Chrome Wheels, the main things advertised on their website too.

Their common interest in offering aid to Corvette owners on the West Coast brought together a professional and dedicated staff that managed to amass 200 years’ worth of Corvette experience. It’s no wonder that they only promise the best, reassuring you that all their products come with a definite satisfaction guarantee and the confidence that you won’t find better prices anywhere.

Paragon Corvette

We finally get to throw out the iconic “started from the bottom, now we’re here” saying. Specialized majorly in offering parts and accessories for pre-1996 Corvettes, their journey to the company known today was full of steady steps. At the dawn of its creation in 1970, Paragon Corvette was nothing more than a garage sale that offered to those passing by various parts for the restoration of their Corvettes.

Being a family business, the number of employees stopped at five. Amazingly enough, despite the apparent lack of size and renown, they managed to become one of the first companies to strike an official deal with General Motors. The deal put them on the map in the Corvette community by turning into one of GM’s official restoration companies. 1970 Chevrolet Corvette - Ontario Orange

Five years after the deal was struck, the family business evolved together with the change in location. They traded their home for a 1984 Corvette and relocated in a facility that still remains their main operation center today. Naturally, the only change wasn’t only in their location, with their catalogue of products gradually growing too. From the few pieces they sold at first, they managed to create three full-fledge catalogues with over 150 pages each that was focused on the C1, C2, and C3 generations. The main premise that the team at Paragon Corvette thoroughly believes in is the fact that their decades of experience have granted them knowledge that allows them to connect with customers on a personal level.

Mid America Corvette & Mid Island Corvette

Perhaps they don’t have fancy about pages for us to expand on, but we couldn’t possibly leave them out. Both MAC and MIC have a history of decades in Corvette restoration behind them, so we can definitely vouch for their credibility and trust factor.

In conclusion, the road to acquiring a cheaper Corvette might not be as direct as simply heading over to a showroom and taking out the money, but it’s eventually worth it in the end. Count on Kerbeck Corvette to provide the pre-owned car you need and lend pieces from one of the expert restoration companies mentioned above.

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