Most Expensive Corvettes Ever!

CORVETTE is famous for a number of things, one of them being the fact that it provides an excellent price – quality balance. With that in mind, what could the most expensive Corvette of all time be like? We tried to find this out, so we skimmed through Corvette’s impressive line-up throughout history and selected the models with the highest starter values.

Most Expensive Corvette Is A 1963 Model


P.S. If any of these spark your attention, you better start saving up on money. Anyone wishing to get their hands on the most expensive Corvette in the world might need to save up for a few decades.

#10 Grand Sport Convertible (1996) – $40,800

It’s funny to think that we’d be including a fourth-generation Corvette on this list since they’re among the least desirable models on a collector’s list. While many of the cars released in that generation had some pretty affordable prices attached to them, there was one exception. The Grand Sport had an iconic look and an equally iconic rarity.


The classic model was a limited-edition produced in a little over 1,000 pieces. The convertible was even crazier: only 190 models rolled through the factory gates. A part of its value comes from the famous LT4 engine, which brings about 330-hp at the crank. All these specs for 1996? No wonder it’s so valuable!

#9 327 “Fuelie” (1962) – $96,500

1962 marked the last year for the first generation of Corvettes. In hindsight, it’s really interesting to look back at all the elements present on the 327 “Fuelie” and how they evolved since. For instance, the exposed headlights disappeared after 1962 and only made a comeback decades later in 2005. The solid-axle rear end would also disappear into a cloud of smoke, except it would never make a return.

All of these factors create the perfect package for collector enthusiasts, but we’re not limited to them. The engine is just as attractive, managing to produce as much as 360-hp, a properly insane number for the respective year.

#8 Chevrolet Corvette (1955) – $113,000

Together with the 1955 model, Corvette would introduce its grand V8 engine that would become such a recurring presence in the years to come. The arrival of this engine was no coincidence. General Motors was struggling with the possibility of cancelation of the Corvette, so they attempted one last method of trying to save the line.


Simultaneously, GM also cut down some of their investing. While other models from GM’s portfolio faced chassis redesigning, Corvette skipped this makeover.  GM produced only 700 models that year. Luckily, though, the enthusiasm generated by the new V8 is what saved Corvette production.

#7 Corvette “Fuelie” (1957) – $129,200

A single glance at this vintage piece is enough to let you know what all the fuss around it is. Aside from appearance, the 1957 Fuelie has a bunch of features that boost its value. Most notably, it was the first time when the four-speed manual transmission showed up and when fuel injection became an optional add-on.

This model also gave mathematicians everywhere a theme to ponder over. Corvette marketed the model using the slogan “One horsepower per inch” which, of course, people attempted to prove or disprove. The end result was 283-hp even though the maximum the engine could pump was 290-hp.

#6 Z06 “Big Tank” (1963) – $209,700

This was a big year in the history of Corvettes. It didn’t give us the ultimate most expensive Corvette ever, but it created a fantastic context for one of the top ten. It was the first year for the second generation and one of the few (and only) years for the iconic split-window.


The “Big Tank” name comes from the 36.5-gallon gas tank installed on the initial Z06, a complete step forward from the classic 20-gallon tank. The 1963 Z06s couldn’t even hit 200 produced models since Corvette produced only 199 pieces.

#5 Chevrolet Corvette (1953) – $300,000

Cars are like fine wine. The older a good model is, the more valuable it’s going to be in the eyes of enthusiastic collectors. And what better example than the very first line of production in the very first generation? The 1953 model may not be the most expensive Corvette, but it’s certainly the most important.

At the time, only 300 models made it out of the factory, all of them hand-built. Today remain 200 models and each one of them is valued at a stellar price. We reckon it’s a good deal for something so iconic.

#4 Corvette L-88 (1969) – $478,000


The L-88 kept the general outlines of the ’69 ZL1 but decided to make it better by incorporating the superior powertrain equipped on the previous ’67 L-88. The end result was an excellent racing car which stirred a lot of enthusiasm among fans. Because 1969 was the year that marked the end of L-88 production, the rarity value of this model boosted its pricing to nearly a half million dollars.

#3 Corvette L-88 (1967) – $1,000,000

It’s time to break the million dollar mark with the predecessor of the successor previously mentioned. Many experts consider the ’67 L-88 to be the peak of the second generation of Corvettes. For a while, this beastly model was the second most expensive Corvette in the world since, even at that time, its price tag was pretty heavy on the pockets. Everything about this L-88 screams professionalism, starting with the design and the unmatched performance. The biggest gems of the C2 collection are the 20 ’67 L-88s equipped with a 430-hp engine.

#2 Corvette ZL-1 (1969) – $1,400,000

If you thought having only 200 pieces of a model spread across the globe is little, the rarity of this ZL-1 from 1969 is probably going to leave you speechless. The car was essentially a more powered version of the already crazy strong L-88. For a number of unknown reasons, GM produced only TWO models of the ZL-1 which is why many people, for a while, didn’t even believe the car actually existed. Today, getting your hands on one of these babies is next to impossible! Even getting to see one of these cars is an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

#1 Grand Sport (1963) – $6,000,000 – $8,000,000

We admit the leap in value from the second place to the first place is quite overwhelming. The most expensive Corvette in history has an even more interesting story, even though you’re wondering how it’s possible to surpass a car with only two models. This is because the Grand Sport never saw the light of day and is hardly up for sale.

General Motors needed to produce a minimum of 125 models of the Grand Sport before it could hit the racetracks and make its debut to the world. Unfortunately, the company put an end to the project after only five pieces and the car fell off the map completely. This is why, in the rare moments when it’s the center of a sale, its value skyrockets up to $8 million.

Alternative To $6-8M


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That being said, we found the most expensive Corvette all the way in 1963 and no car has been able to snatch this title since. It will probably have to be another few decades until the current generations become vintage and add a new layer of value to them. Maybe things will change?













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