Doug MacDonald – My Love affair with Corvette

My love affair with Corvette started when I was around 11 years old

doug posting with davids '63 corvette C2 and racing trophy

David MacDonald and his ’63 Corvette C2

My brother (Dave MacDonald) was drag racing his 1958 Corvette all over Southern California drag strips and held the record as the “Fastest Corvette in the West”! But, not till he started Road Racing his Vettes, did I become a big fan of this car! Going fast in a 1/4 mile is one thing, making it contend and beat the world’s best sports cars on a road course is something not many other cars can do!

When Dave started road racing his ‘57 Corvette that he rebuilt from a salvaged car, at Willow Springs, California, he surprised a lot of people by WINNING his first outing of what would be one of many in his 2 years of road racing Corvettes. Seeing Dave’s 1st production ‘63 Corvette Z06 when he drove up in this car after picking it up from the factory two weeks before its maiden race @ Riverside Raceway, was a sure heart stopper to me! It wasn’t only because this car became an ICON of sports cars around the world by the men and woman that drove it, it’s also all the friends I’ve made in the Corvette world that help make it a legend!

Life got in the way

Although I loved the Corvette, “LIFE” stopped me from getting one until after I retired in 2009! With savings in hand, I set

Doug with his 2007 z06 infront of a lake

Doug MacDonald and his 2007 Z06

out to get the BEST looking Corvette ever made, a ‘clone’ ‘63 Corvette Grand Sport. Price was still an issue, so I found my second choice, a used 2007 Corvette Z06 that was in my price range! By the way, if you’ve never driven a newer Corvette, do it immediately, you’re in for a real surprise!

Now back to my Corvette heritage

I found that the Corvette passion is even better than I remembered! At the beginning of 2013, I found a 1963 Corvette Grand Sport within my budget and I have added it to my world of passion! An added surprise to owning the Grand Sport is people I’ve met at car shows that have nothing but love for this car and how it represents the BEST examples of what the Corvette stands for!

Please visit our family web site ‘tribute’ to my brother ‘National Corvette Museum’ 2014 HALL OF FAME inductive, Dave MacDonald @

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