Top Options for Corvette Stingray Convertible Cars

The Corvette Stingray convertible is an entry level luxury sports car by Chevrolet. The manufacturer brags that this car is built to be an open top car from the ground up. This means that it’s meant to have the top down and let your hair fly. These little cars are incredibly powerful, with lightweight frames.

They will send you tearing down the road at breakneck speed at the softest touch of pedal to metal. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the finer options for the Corvette Stingray convertible. With six different trims for the 2017 year, the possibilities are endless.

2017 chevrolet corvette stingray convertible 2lt

Corvette Stingray Convertible Top Options


When driving along in your automobile, with perhaps your significant other beside you with you at the steering column, you’ll want to snuggle in for the drive comfortably. The Corvette Stingray convertible 3LT comes with suede microfiber trim all along the inside of the cabin. There’s also the option to upgrade leather wrapped items such as the steering wheel to include microfiber trim. The 2LT has the option to upgrade leather seats to Napa leather, but the 3LT has this option standardized.

Continuing on with seating, every single model has an 8-way adjuster for maximum seating comfort. An upgrade to this is a side touch heating and cooling option. This instantly brings up a menu on the in-dash display to allow you to fine tune what temperature you’d like to rest your laurels on. This is in addition to individual dash and overhead temperature control, surrounding each passenger with their preferred heat or cooling issue.


The Corvette Stingray convertible is built from the ground up to work around the fact that it is a convertible, when often times that means a lower standard of safety for those in accidents. This sporty little car has a reinforced windshield frame area to help take the brunt of any rollovers or collisions where the roof would be damaged, with upgrades available for roof caps.

Additionally, Chevrolet makes it easy to order factory installed security systems with their crack team of pros behind the scenes. These range from very basic systems to ones with fingerprint scanning technology. They are available for viewing at your local Chevrolet dealership. This option can be installed on your Corvette Stingray convertible for a small additional fee.


Apple Carplay on a Corvette

Chevrolet is a pioneer in terms of automotive technology, from what’s under the hood to the touchscreen monitor playing your favorite new hit song. We’ll cover what’s under the hood in a moment, but for now, we’ll poke around the electronics. There are plentiful upgrades here, mostly in visual entertainment and speaker sets.

With every trim option of the Corvette Stingray convertible, the standard stereo increases in both size and price – as one would expect. But the options for stereo in this car are out of this world. Most of the popular names, such as Bose and Apple, are everywhere to choose from. In fact, the 2LT has a very nice package for those looking for both entertainment options and fantastic sound. The upgrade offers the ability to load movies, tv, sports or music videos via USB or your phone’s in-car wi-fi to the main dash’s console with the flick of a few digital buttons.

This upgrade also offers ten Bose branded stereo speakers mounted in the rear and fore of your Corvette Stingray convertible. The subwoofer gets to hang out in the trunk but is small enough so as not to impede trunk space. Because you’re definitely taking this grocery shopping, right?

Under the Hood

The Corvette Stingray convertible doesn’t purr like a kitten. It roars like a lion, and it’s got plenty of options to amplify that roar all the more. Enough to send little kids scurrying back to their parents in a hurry.

Most car-savvy folks know how to drive a manual. However, if you don’t or if you prefer an automatic, this little convertible allows upgrade to it. It’s one of the few on the market at this level who do without significant investment. This upgrade is only a few thousand dollars for those that are clutch shy.

Another handy option is the ability, even at the basic 1LT model, to upgrade to air-cooled brakes. With as much power as the Corvette Stingray convertible has, braking can become an issue very quickly. Air cooled breaks help to save your pads and give your rotors a longer life. This upgrade is only a few dollars on the 1LT and 2LT models and comes standard with most packages within the 3LT group.

Lastly, the gorgeous engine comes with a low oil kill switch option for those who don’t want to concern themselves watching gauges. With this option, if the motor senses that it’s low on oil a warning sound will click on. The next time the vehicle attempts to be run, it will alert On*Star that service is required. On*Star will contact you via the in-car interface to set up an appointment to have the problem examined. This saves engines, time, and effort.

Eye Candy

corvette stingray engine

When talking about luxury cars, eye candy sells. This Corvette is no different and comes with so many bells, whistles and sparkly new toys that some people may, honestly, be slightly overwhelmed. For those searching for a car that will do everything but drive itself, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Interior foot lighting and undercarriage lighting are two of the most popular options for the Stingray. Not only do these make the vehicle absolutely glow at night, increasing visibility and helping your passengers find their lost pen but they just look downright cool.

Add to that the ability to trim just about any interior or exterior thing in neon colors that match your car’s body and you’ll have something that looks both futuristic and sleek.

All options mentioned in this article are on the 2017 Corvette Stingray but subject to dealer availability.