Corvette Interior – A Complete Tuning Guide

There are countless ways through which you can leave your mark on your Corvette interior curtsy of the vast options offered by tuning. Certainly, when we’re talking about personalizing, people typically want their identity and personality to be picked up on by those around them, which is why outside customization is often the first choice.

Corvette Interior


But looks aren’t everything! What’s on the inside matters just as much, if not more. While exterior tuning generally represents a form of self-expression, interior tuning adjusts your surroundings so that you can feel the most comfortable. The customization is for your eyes to see and you want to feel like a teenage girl leaving her mark on her new room by taping the walls with band posters. If you’re seeking to personalize your Corvette interior, here are the things you should know.

What Kind of Accessories Can I Find?

So, you want to tune up your Corvette interior? There are plenty of starting points, with ideas as simple-sounding as they get or ideas completely crazy being likewise available. Below, you’ll be able to find the most popular types of products that are typically used to decorate a Corvette interior.

Steering Wheels

Steering wheels. We actually don’t recommend decorating the interior of your car with any wheels, trims, or tires, mostly for comfort and safety reasons. The steering wheel is the core of the car and the one element you are in constant direct contact with. That means that your eyes will often find their way to the wheel and, if you don’t like what you see, you can always change it. We recommend taking a look at Ecklers for some new Corvette steering wheels.


Your options circle around racing styles, custom chromes, or even something a bit more unconventional, such as a wooden wheel or one embedded with gems or stickers. If you’re planning to purchase a Corvette with the purpose of swapping its wheel, you should make sure beforehand that it’s actually possible. Corvette interior tuning that concerns wheels can be difficult because airbag systems on new models pose an issue for wheel replacements. The Corvette Stingray interior, for example, is kind of used to being a guinea pig for interior tuning, so here lie your best bets.

Wheel Covers

But the good news is that you don’t need to completely replace the steering wheel if you want to breathe some life into its design. You can simply settle for a chic cover that you can veil the wheel in. A very classic option is the leather perforated one, which, aside from bringing in an aesthetic bonus, also manages to add some practicality to it. Your grasp on the wheel will actually be better!

1970 Chevrolet Corvette - Red T-Tops

Gear Knobs

Not every Corvette interior decoration needs to be on a big scale. Sometimes it’s better to start with the small things, such as gear knobs. They can serve both as a design choice or a practical choice that can aid the driver in their whereabouts. You might have some trouble picking, given the fact that there is quite a range of knob types, varying from chrome skulls to golf balls.

Door Pins

If you’re feeling like spoiling your Corvette oldie, this is something you can do. Given the fact that modern models don’t even need door pins anymore (not in the vintage style, at least), you can bring them into the spotlight by giving them a nice style upgrade.

Floor Mats

When someone first climbs into a car, they really can’t say that the floor mats are the primary thing they notice. So, rather than serving a stylish purpose, mats can be a great practical tuning option for a Corvette interior. You can protect the floor of your car, assuming you don’t make the mistake of opting for a cheap mat that tends to slip everywhere. You know which kind we’re talking about.


You can even tweak the pedals! You might be tempted to ask why anyone would need to style up the pedals. Isn’t the driver the only one who sees them? Maybe, but swapping your factory pedals for some neat racer ones is definitely going to make every drive feel like they’re in a rally. Moreover, there are quite a few upgrades that can increase the stability of your foot on the pedal.


Interior Lights

Ever wanted to throw a giant laser party in your car? If the answer is yes, that’s quite the ambitious wish. But nevertheless, your Corvette interior can be lit up by colorful bulbs, LEDs, neons, and other sources of unconventional illumination. Something important to remember is that you need to check the local laws regarding interior car lighting.

A Study in Leather – Seats

You may have noticed that there was a big player missing from the list – the seats. As opposed to the mats, the seats are definitely among the first things anyone notices when entering a car. In fact, many people look to the quality of the material plastered around the seats as an indicator for the general appeal of the car.

Corvette Interior


Knowing where to look for worthy customized seats can be a daunting style, but we’ll provide a starting point with They mostly specialize in leather, with their most popular collection, Ecstasy, featuring an intriguing combo between fine Italian leather and vinyl. The seats are crafted with top grain, vat dyed, automotive grade leather hides and get their finishing touches from European-like mill pebble. The design is eye-catchy all by itself. In other words, this sets a pattern for what you should look for in seats. You will need to research your interior seats on compatibility, prices and quality.

Gadgets for Your 2016 Corvette Interior

Mats, stirring wheels, and door pins are nice and all, but most of us seek to have our Corvette interior oasis be in sync with the technological advances around us. Which is why strapping some fun gadgets to your latest C7 would compliment it perfectly. Here are a few examples.


  • USB Power Multiplied: Add more power to your USB port so you can instantly charge your phone.
  • Radar Detectors: Hey, we’re not encouraging it, but if you own a C7 Corvette, chances are you’re in for the speed.
  • Pro RAM Ball Mounts: For all of us who are tired of cup holders that accidentally spill your coffee, here’s the supreme phone holder.

Touch-screens, fancy radios, music players, speakers, the list of electronics can go on, some of which are factory installed, which makes their presence on a tuning list pretty unnecessary. You can make your Corvette completely yours by simply turning the Corvette interior into your small haven.







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