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Corvette Clubs & Associations for all Corvette Enthusiasts - Corvette Dreamer

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Corvette Clubs & Associations for all Corvette Enthusiasts

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BEWARE!  This article isn’t for those NOT feeling passionately about the Chevrolet Corvette and everything about it. That much is obvious, isn’t it? Whether you call them Corvette associations, Corvette clubs, or Corvette rehab centers (you never know), they all have in common the same love and dedication for the legendary automobile – Chevrolet Corvette!

jay leno corvette photo

Jay Leno posing with his Corvette.


Being a member of an association, regardless of its type and direction, implies a lot of dedication. In many instances, it makes for an opportunity to strengthen bonds with others through the common interest in a particular something.

There’s no difference when you’re part of a Corvette association. In fact, the social advantages aren’t the only benefits brought to the table. When we’re talking about clubs oriented on automobiles, especially a particular kind of automobile, we’re talking about a haven of tips, tricks, and lent hands whenever needed. Especially if you’re a first-time proud Corvette owner, the subtleties of caring for the car might elude you.

So, all in all, the following are examples of some of the biggest and most renowned Corvette associations, recognized within the circle of Corvette enthusiasts. Visit their websites, read a little bit on their contact and location, and then decide for yourself which one of them feels like it could become a shelter for all your Corvette needs.

Corvette Club 1

Corvette Club of America

The one Corvette Club to top them all. The CCA is the oldest Corvette association in the USA, having been founded in 1956, just three years after the first Corvette models exited the gates of production lines. As of 2016, they proudly consist of over 17,500 members all of over the country and over 170 clubs in around 16 regions.

The CCA does more than simply seat its members around a table and talk their favorite aspects about a Corvette. The leaders go out of their way to organize events and entertaining gatherings that can engage the members with Corvette-related activities.

Wineries, brunches, dinner parties, pool parties, cruises, and holiday parties are organized on a frequent basis. They don’t steer away from charity either since, despite being a non-profit group, they are still behind many charitable campaigns, movements, and donations.

photo of couple from corvette associations

Cute couple from one of the countless Corvette Associations in the U.S.


Texas Corvette Association

The biggest Corvette association down south and the number one place you should turn to in case you’re a Texan. The TCA was founded back in 1979 by Air Force members Craig L. Main and William H. Clower. The intention behind their idea was to provide Corvette owners with a place, intended to be located in San Antonio, that can cater to their needs and offer help in all matters Corvette-related.

Like everything else, they started out small, designing, printing, and distributing flyers that marketed the organization to friends and other acquaintances. By the time the first convention of the TCA was held in Landa Park in New Braunfels, there were eight members. Needless to say, they evolved a lot since then and managed to establish themselves as a renowned association dedicated to the preservation and encouraging of Corvette love and admiration.

Corvette Club 2

Pomona Valley Corvette Association

The association with doors open for all people of the Inland Empire, the PVCA has been active since 1962. When talking about their goals and purpose, they like to keep it simple – they’re here to bring together all people of the Pomona Valley and Inland Empire area in the heart of an organization that wants to enhance the experience of owning a Corvette for all those lucky enough to have one.

Corvette Club 3

As for what you actually do at meetings, you’ll be pleased to know that time constraints aren’t an issue with this Corvette club. The heads of the association organize monthly events which vary from road trips to themed parties.

Nebraska Corvette Association

We now move to Nebraska, which proudly flaunts its own Corvette-themed gathering. Active since it was founded in 1976, the NCA has brought together over 200 hundreds who are the pride owners of an impressive variety of Corvette models. From the oldies to the shiny new products, there are definitely ways you can learn everything about as many Corvette models as possible.

The requirements to join the club are fairly simple. In fact, they even allow all those interested to test the waters by attending at most two meetings before signing the deal. Membership fees can reach up to $50 for a single member, so you might consider tagging your partner along because both of you will only pay $60 if you join together. These rates are pretty standard among Corvette associations.

Corvette Club 4

Desert Corvette Association

The leaders of the DCA proudly proclaim on their website that their club enjoys anything you enjoy doing with your Corvette, as long as it’s legal. Another association with roots firmly dug into an impressive history, the Desert Corvette Association dates back to 1976. Today, it’s one of the biggest parts of the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC), having amassed a grand total of 150 members.

DCA also organizes its fair share of impromptu parties and fun themed gatherings, but the main activities they promote are the heavily Corvette (and cars, in general) themed ones. From racing to rallying, to day caravans, and overnighters, there are many things you can partake in as a member of the Desert Corvette Association.

Corvette Club 5

South Oregon Corvette Association

There was a time when SOCA may have been exclusively a Stingray association, perhaps because of the fact that their collection of Corvette exhibits contained merely eight cars. Since the beginnings of the organization in 1974, the number grew to 70 Corvettes of all shapes, kinds, and ages, becoming one of the top Corvette associations in the country.

Those familiar with the history of SOCA recall the starting points of the association, when the founders used to follow around Corvettes to inform their drivers that they formed a social organization with a particular focus on Corvettes. The thing that SOCA is most well-known for is its trademark event, the “Corvette Weekend.” Over the years, the weekend thoroughly dedicated to Corvettes and their celebration managed to bring together hundreds of people, members of the SOCA and other organizations.

1965 Chevrolet Corvette - Front End

Well that’s our look at just some of the many associations that have been formed over the years. A Corvette association perhaps may be right near you, so get online and check it out, you won’t know how much fun you can have at these groups until you try it!













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