Corvette Car Shows You Should Know About

Chevrolet Corvettes are some of the most iconic American cars ever built, with vintage models being prized by car collectors around the world. With their status as a classic American sports cars, it’s unsurprising that you can find representatives of the Corvette lineage in almost every classic car show across the Unites States. Corvette car shows are among the most impressive displays of classy cars you could ever see, so make sure you see a couple whenever you have the chance.

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Car shows are a very popular entertainment option for many Americans, and they provide any car aficionado with the opportunity of seeing professionally restored vintage cars. There are many great classic and muscle car shows where you can catch a glimpse of Corvettes considering how many of these models have become iconic American automobiles through the years. There are several resources you can use to find exciting Corvette car shows in your area.

The Corvette Club of America: The First Corvette Club

The Corvette Club of America was founded back in 1956, just three years after the first Corvette model was introduced to the American automobile market during a General Motors floor show. It is a club for Corvette owners everywhere wishing to participate in car shows, competitions, and meetings dedicated to these American automobiles.

The Corvette Club of America organizes an annual Spring Car Show that features four Corvette contests, one for each of the categories they feature, as well as fun shows. The Spring Car Show will be celebrating its 43rd year of existence this year. There are four categories of Corvettes featured during the show: Classic, Muscle Car, Custom, and Wounded Warrior. The Corvette Club of America charges an entry fee from the contestants, as well as from the audience, but the proceeds are donated to charity. Children 12 and under can enjoy the show for free. Active Duty Military members can also benefit from a free entrance provided that they show some identification upon arrival.

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If you are a Corvette lover and want to see a wide variety of Corvette automobiles and designs, this show is a must-see. Each category has previously established rules that dictate which kind of cars can enter into each contest. Corvettes entering the competition’s Muscle Car category must be GM Cars with Stock to Mild modifications, meaning that no more than 4 modifications are permitted on a vehicle. Cars in this contest cannot be fitted with power adders or blowers and their hoods must be factory-made.

The Classics section of the competition is reserved for all GM models assembled up to 1960. These vehicles must also only feature Stock to Mild modifications, so 4 modifications at the most, and are also prohibited from having any power adders or blowers. No non-factory hoods are allowed for this contest either.

The Customs competition permits the participation of all GM models with more than four modifications on them. These cars can have blowers, turbos, any type of paint schemes, and non-factory body panels. The last competition is known as the Wounded Warrior, and it was made specifically for United States Military Wounded Warriors.

Besides the yearly Spring Car Show that the Corvette Club of America organizes every year, there are many other events that the club has. Some are open to the public while others are for members of the club only. However, you can keep an eye out for their special events by visiting their website. It is a great option to catch up on your Corvette news.

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Corvette America: Finding Your Local and Regional Corvette Clubs

You can find an extensive list of local and regional Corvette Clubs online on several websites. There are many Corvette clubs all over the country that organize Corvette car shows and similar events. If you don’t want to travel a long way from home to catch a glimpse of classic Corvettes, there’s a pretty good chance that you will be able to find a car show or a Corvette enthusiast get together in your area.

America’s Corvette Club: Corvette’s America Car Show

America’s Corvette Club was founded back in 2000 and is now an NCCC-affiliated Corvette owner club sponsored by Bowman Chevrolet. It organizes a yearly car show known as Corvette’s America Car Show. The show brings together Corvette lovers, owners, and enthusiasts from all over the United States. With a wide range of Corvettes to see, from the earliest models to the latest modern designs, the Corvette car shows and events organized by America’s Corvette Club are bound to always attract a crowd. The club welcomes Corvette lovers at all of its events and allows new membership subscriptions from Corvette owners at any time.

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The National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum began its journey as a project that Terry McManmon, a member of the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS), thought of in 1984. The first attempts to make the Corvette Museum a reality began in 1988. McManmon, alongside a handful of Corvette enthusiasts, felt that it was important to preserve, restore, and exhibit material related to the development and production of the Corvette.

After long debates and sustained efforts, they managed to convince the NCRS Board of Directors in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to approve funding for the start-up costs that the Corvette Museum would require. It would, however, take six more years until the Corvette Museum would open its doors. With the support of Corvette lovers from all over the nation, the National Corvette Museum finally opened its doors on September the 2nd 1994.

It now hosts a series of Corvette-centric events that are meant to educate and entertain people. Car shows, races, gatherings, and lectures are just a few of the events that the National Corvette Museum organizes every year.

One of the most anticipated events that the Museum organizes is the National Corvette Caravan, which is considered the world’s largest moving automotive event. The National Corvette Caravan takes place every five years and will next be celebrated in 2019, according to an announcement made by representatives of the National Corvette Museum. The event will start on the 28th of August and will end on the 31st, four days later, celebrating the Museum’s 25th anniversary. When it comes to Corvette car shows, this caravan is the event to catch.

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