The Corvette C8 And The Main Features Coming Up

With every year, the C7 continues to grow… older. That’s nothing strange or abnormal. In fact, all it does is enhance our excitement for the inevitable arrival of the Corvette C8. Given all the sources and leaks in the past few months, we have reasons to believe that this arrival is closer than we may have thought. So, while we await any possible confirmations, we’ve thrown together all the pieces of knowledge we have pertaining the upcoming latest-generation model.

Let’s all look back on this in a few years and see which of these assumptions came true.

The Brewing Rumors

Corvette 8 Concept


Sometime in August, Detroit News reported that the Corvette C8 is going to make its first appearance as early as 2019. This was really exciting news for Corvette enthusiasts, but the thing that definitely caught our attention most was one particular feature. It seems that the Corvette C8 is going to come with the mid-mounted engine which Vette fans have been expecting… for a while. This seems to add up with the spy shots that feature the so-called “Emperor” as engineers are testing it straight on the track.

Detroit News also reported that we will continue to see more of the front-engine C7 up until 2021. Moreover, they got in touch with Bob Lutz, former GM product czar. He declared that the mid-engine isn’t Corvette news since it’s been in the works for a while. However, upon the company’s bankruptcy in 2009, the project started collecting dust instead. Lutz hinted at the possibility that the future Corvette C8 might even feature some sort of electric compound. It would end up boosting its range by as much as 15 miles.

Attempted Mid-Engines

No, the mid-engine isn’t news. GM has been promising and attempting to deliver it for over half a century now. But, as fate has it, it just seems like not even their most heartfelt attempts could pay out.

The foundation for the Corvette mid-engine has been laid all the way in 1970 when GM unveiled the first official prototype of this caliber. Development went slowly and, as such, in 2004, Corvette was at its limit of grip with the front-engine layout. Bob Lutz claimed that GM even got as far as to build two clay models, both of them full-scale.

Needless to say, given the history of this engine and for how long we’ve been expecting it, these surfacing rumors are doing little to tone down our excitement. While not revealing any particular details, Global Product development head Mark Reuss used just one word to describe the Corvette C8: revolutionary. Perhaps with this new generation, we’ll get a Corvette supercar at lengths we’ve never seen before.

The Things We Know… So Far

Some of the following facts may not end up proving true in the end, which is why we recommend taking everything as nothing but supposition for now.

#1 Radical Design Change

A mid-engine requires some alterations to the appearance of the car. More specifically, in order to fit in the mid-engine, GM had to stretch the rear section and push the cabin forward. Unlike other types and models, the mid-engine is going to take its long-awaited place behind the cabin. So far, these assumptions seem to match with the various spy shots that allegedly feature a Corvette C8 prototype.

Also in these images, we can notice a set of flying buttresses. This would only strengthen the guarantee of seeing a mid-engine mounted on the new Vette. The buttresses are popular aerodynamic choices for new-generation mid-engine cars.

#2 Explosive Pricing

Corvette has always excelled at balancing the quality of their products with an advantageous value. However, things might change for the Corvette C8. In order to implement the mid-engine, engineers more than certainly had to create a brand new platform from scratch. As a result, the starting price might be even double compared to the current reigning king of Corvettes, the Z06.

For example, the first C7 model had a starting price of $55,400. With all the investing that would be required in order to develop the new platform, experts estimate the C8’s starting price at approximately $150,000. Admittedly, it’s significantly less than the price of the Ford GT which functions on a similar platform and costs around $450,000.

The good news is that GM is thinking of their typical buyers, with rumors floating around that they’re considering certain features to bring prices down and not deter those interested. One way to do so would be by offering a front-engine variant which might bring the new Corvette C8 closer to the average starter price. Experts expect the new Vette to come with a V8, as usual. But it’s very likely the V6 might make a reappearance in order to contribute to the drop in costs.

#3 Likely Dual-Clutch

Strange as it may seem, the Corvette C8 might actually shed the manual transmission that’s so characteristic, according to Car and Driver. As sourced by Tremec, it seems like the upcoming mid-engine ride is going to appeal to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Also, it seems that three of the seven speeds we’ll be able to use are overdrives. Tremec accentuates the fact that it’ll be able to withstand an input speed of 9000 rpm and 664 lb-ft of torque.

Car and Driver seems to think that GM will offer this Corvette with one gearbox as part of their attempts to lower complexity and, thus, the purchase costs. Regardless, though, life without the ever so famous Corvette manual transmission seems a bit on the strange side.


Needless to say, even though we don’t have an abundance of information regarding the upcoming Corvette C8. What we know for sure is that it’s coming at some point. Curtsy to the spy shots, we also know that it’s no longer at the planning stage and that all of our dreams have materialized already. We’re all very excited, especially now that so many people with insight tease the introduction of so many exciting new elements. Which one are you looking forward to the most?

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