Corvette Accessories Complete Buyers Guide

So, are you looking to make that Corvette more personalized? Or maybe you’re just seeking to improve performance? In this case, you will need to turn your attention to Corvette accessories, respectively the array of add-ons that you can implement to your ride for practical or aesthetic reasons.

Corvette Accessories


Obviously, if this is your first time buying any car accessories, not just Corvette accessories, you might be wondering about your starting point. It can be a bit of a tricky process, true, which needs to be set-up before you find yourself with the respective piece in your hand. Here are the things you should know if you want to “pimp your ride.”

Some General Guidelines

What differentiates Corvette accessories from others is, well, pretty obvious. Different brands and models have different requirements. Most of the accessories, if not all, are also produced by the company in a way that can be perfectly adjusted to the vehicle in talk. But when you’re about to purchase some parts or accessories, these guidelines apply whether they’re Corvette accessories or not.

C7 Chevrolet Corvette

Scout the Market

The industry of automobile accessories and parts is as much of a market as any other, which means that there will be good deals, bad deals, and possible frauds. Research in time. Seek out the advice of professionals and ask them if they know of a good store or website that can be trusted. Search the internet yourself and compare prices, values, offers, and the quality of the products. There won’t be the same prices everywhere, so make sure you don’t get out of this whole business holding the short stick.

Make a “Grocery” List

If you want to replace a LED, for example, look specifically for the best LED offers. However, there’s temptation in going on a shopping spree just like in any other instance. Set a budget for yourself. If you want to acquire more parts, find a balance and try to find the best offers separately. You’ll be able to find, later in this article, a number of categories for Corvette accessories so you can know which ones are available.


Corvette Accessories C5

Every generation of Corvettes has its strong suits. Sure, they all have in common the sheer power, but some excel a lot more in design, some tend to have more issues, and so on. It’s best to know what category of accessories would best benefit the necessities of your Corvette.

Carbon Fiber Parts

Since the fifth generation was introduced in the 90’s, it’s a bit more prone to being damaged. In order to prevent that, decorate your Corvette with the most necessary of C5 accessories – carbon fiber. You can add carbon fiber doors, handles, enhancement plates, fuel rail covers, or anything that might need a little bit more sturdiness to them.

Engine Dress Up

C6 chevrolet_corvette_engine_bay

They are especially useful if your Corvette is part of a vintage collection and if you’re planning to exhibit it to some show or gathering. The engine of a Corvette is its core, so you want to make sure that it properly stands out by embellishing it in a variety of materials or decorations, varying from carbon fiber add-ons to custom painted parts.

Restoration and Replacement Parts

Last but not least, age often takes its toll. Especially if your car has been used before plenty of times, some issues might arise. Engine parts or brakes or anything else that might have to do with appearance or mechanics need to be restored or replaced to ensure the proper functioning of the car.

Corvette Accessories C6

Corvette Accessories


Now it’s time to get into specifics. There is a set of categories available for those seeking to buy accessories and parts. Especially if you know you want to change something about your ride, but you’re not quite sure yet which part, this is the time for you to find out.


Wheels are some of the most commonly purchased Corvette accessories, especially because they can intertwine the aspect factor with the performance improvement. The sixth generation of Corvettes introduced a new type of engine which quakes with an overwhelming amount of power. If you want to be able to keep up with this power, you’ll need to adjust to wider rims, which will allow, in turn, for wider wheels. Aside from performance upgrades, a wheel replacement is also going to help give a personality to your Corvette and the good part is that all wheels come in different looks and shapes that vary from vintage to modern.


Car Care

Neither for aesthetic or performance, Corvette accessories destined for the preservation and care of the vehicle are necessary if you want to keep it “healthy.” This category includes objects used for cleaning and detailing, car covers, paint protection, masks, ramps, and seat covers.

Exhaust Systems

The Corvette is massively built around its reputation as a power supercar with a lot of roars under the hood and with the capacity to set highways ablaze as its springs on the roads. The best and surest way to make sure that your Corvette really oozes these power house vibes is to install the proper exhaust system. Make your Corvette sound like a beast and you’ll let everyone know that you’ve chosen one of the best supercars available on the market.



This includes a variety of items, such as the classic GPS or even a fancy touch-screen or music player. However, one of the most sought-after Corvette C6 accessories is the radar and laser detector. We’re definitely not encouraging any outlaw behaviors (in fact, do drive responsibly) however, chances are, that since you own a Vette, you’re probably in for the raw power. As long as nothing too extreme happens, you can avoid any spicy tickets with these gadgets.

Corvette radar n mount

And Finally…Interior

As the newest generation, the C7 is also the most modern and slightly luxurious looking. You can use that to your advantage if you decide to wisely invest in acquiring some interior Corvette accessories. Your options include leather upgrades, protection, billet trim parts, new seats, or gauges.









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