Ten Corvette Restoration Examples to Get Inspiration From

Corvette restoration can often be the peak of someone’s passion for the Corvette enthusiast. We all love our Corvettes, of course. But few things manage to feel like the moment when you pick up the wrench and restore the Corvette to your liking. Some of the people wishing to partake in Corvette … [Read more...]

Corvette Accessories Complete Buyers Guide

So, are you looking to make that Corvette more personalized? Or maybe you’re just seeking to improve performance? In this case, you will need to turn your attention to Corvette accessories, respectively the array of add-ons that you can implement to your ride for practical or aesthetic … [Read more...]

The Corvette Wagon from the Nomad to the Upcoming AeroWagen

The whole business with the Corvette station wagons has been rallying on a rollercoaster of emotions. First of all, there was the announcement that the Connecticut tuning firm, Calloway Cars, made in 2013 where they basically announced that they intended to convert the Corvettes we all know and love … [Read more...]

Corvette – Restoration, Parts, and Preservation

The Kerbeck Corvette is essentially a heaven for all those seeking used, repaired, and other Corvettes that simply put aren’t fresh out of the water like a recently forged diamonds. It’s tempting to immediately jump to the conclusion that “used” automatically equals some form of automobile retail, a … [Read more...]

C2 Buyer’s Guide – Midyear Corvettes

Everybody Wants A Midyear Corvette! A C2 Corvette was only built by Chevrolet from 1963 to 1967. All built and assembled in St. Louis plant of Missouri in the United States of America. A total of 117,964 cars were produced in these five model years with the convertibles in high demand. Almost 2 of … [Read more...]

Restomods or Restoration?

              If you don't know what the difference is between a Restomod and a Restoration, You'll just have to read on! What option do you think is better? What option looks cool to you? What option will cost more to build? What option brings … [Read more...]

1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Bold and Beautiful! The aftermath of the 1963 Corvette brought a big change to the look of the back end of a Corvette. The love-hate relationship Corvette owners had with the 1963's split rear window would go down in history as one of the most popular model years for Corvette. Still, decades later, … [Read more...]

1957 Chevrolet Corvette ‘Fuelie’

Coolie Fuelie! In late 1956, Chevrolet, in direct competition with Plymouth and Ford, accepted the idea of introducing 'fuel injection'. This was premature for Chevrolet, however a must to stay in this very competitive game. This new arrival to the Corvette didn't come without complications! … [Read more...]