Martine Paille-Gray’s Corvette Love Story

How A Women Develops A Passion For Cars So here's a females Corvette Love Story. Let me start by explaining how a women developed a passion for cars. As a little girl I spent a lot of time with my dad and brothers. Our "family car" was a 64 blue Chevy Impala. My parents gave it to my twin brothers … [Read more...]

Shawn Wood’s Corvette Love Story

Hey Shawn, Why 2013? I still get asked these two questions: "Why did you buy that 2013 Sixtieth Year Anniversary Edition Corvette? Why didn’t you wait for the new C7 Corvettes to come out and buy one of those"? Well as my story entire life I dreamed of the day when I could buy a … [Read more...]

Joe Atkins’ Corvette Love Story

Filling Station Hangout As a young boy I grew up around a filling station, that’s a gas station to you young folks, and observed many cars passing through.   I started around the time I was 7 or 8 years old until I was around 30 years old. There were always car buff’s hanging around there. I … [Read more...]

Corvette Love Story by Al Dobb

Corvette Love Story: That First Special Look My Corvette story starts at 17, during my boring Junior year of high school in 1974. I was 17, hanging out in the front of my mom’s house, my girlfriend on my mind, but waiting for a friend to show up. He is usually late but suddenly he pulled up in a … [Read more...]

Matt Long’s Corvette Story

My affection for Corvettes began as a young kid   When I was around 8 my dad got me a poster of all the Corvettes that had been made year to date, it was 1984, and it was this poster. I would lay in my bed supposed to be asleep looking at the poster thinking about how awesome those cars … [Read more...]

Doug MacDonald – My Love affair with Corvette

My love affair with Corvette started when I was around 11 years old My brother (Dave MacDonald) was drag racing his 1958 Corvette all over Southern California drag strips and held the record as the "Fastest Corvette in the West"! But, not till he started Road Racing his Vettes, did I become a … [Read more...]

Corvette Dreamer – The Beginning

So this is where it all began…. I grew up in the sixties in a small town in the central parts of New Jersey.  Third child of four, life was pretty good as I knew it.  My best friend, Steve, lived right across the street.  I was nine years old in the summer of 1967 and I was usually could be found … [Read more...]