Corvette Love Story by Al Dobb

Corvette Love Story:

That First Special Look

My Corvette story starts at 17, during my boring Junior year of high school in 1974. I was 17, hanging out in the front of my mom’s house, my girlfriend on my mind, but waiting for a friend to show up. He is usually late but suddenly he pulled up in a green ratty 1968 Corvette Convertible.

1968 Green Corvette Stingray with Hardtop

1968 Green Corvette Stingray with Hardtop

It was a rough car, as I recall, missing some center caps and trim rings. It was dressed in a dark green exterior with a tan vinyl interior. And, although I had seen Corvettes before, there was something about this one that was very special to me, I happened to be friends with the owner. He asked me to hop and take a ride and I was hooked right then and there. I knew that I had to have a Corvette of my own someday!

 My First 4-Speed Coupe

Years later, I saw an old ad in a magazine that showed a 1974/75 Corvette Coupe and Convertible. The ad had an incredible way the cars were situated and it turned me on. At 21, I purchased my first beautiful blue 4-speed Coupe. I drove my new Stingray every day and I loved that car to death. After only a few years, I got tired of the T-Tops shuffle. So I decided to seek out another car that would suit my desires more. It was a very nice ‘74 Convertible that was originally white, but repainted red and I loved this car even more than the first.

Years gone on and I decided to settle down so I sold that sweet ’74 Stingray to gain another sweetie, my wife. Fast forward life to 1998, I’m working as a Chevrolet car salesman for three years now. My desire for the greatest American Sports Car came back and began searching out a 78-79. I decided to drive from Long Island to Boston to look at a 1978 Silver Anniversary car with a rare, blue leather interior. Cash in hand, it was a long 3 hours of driving and in the end I picked up that rare ’78 Corvette. I only drove the car for about 800 miles in 3 years.

A Surprise, C6 Size!

By now, the C5’s were so much nicer than the C3’s and so much more technologically advanced. I decided that it was time to say goodbye to my 25th Anniversary car. However, the new C6 came in 2005 and with a hefty price tag and I figured my Corvette days were over. In July 2008, one of our customers that had purchased a black C6 Coupe in 2007 decided he wasn’t using the car enough and figured he wanted to sell it back to the dealership.

Black C6 Chevrolet Corvette

Black C6 Chevrolet Corvette

We took the car in on a Saturday and I washed it up immediately. I drove it for the weekend and fell in love all over again. It was just like 30 years before when that green ‘68 Convertible Stingray first came into my life.

Al Dobbs

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