2001 Corvette Z06 History, Features, and More

Able to reach speeds of 200 mph and equipped with 350-385 horsepower, the 2001 Corvette lives up to its early description of “ready for the racetrack.” It has up to 19 MPG in the city and 28 MPG on the highway. Although the car had less horsepower than the ZR-1, it outperformed the older car in every category except top speed.

The Z06, another name for the 2001 Corvette, was less expensive than the ZR-1. As you can imagine, consumer demand skyrocketed for this high-performance vehicle. A 2001 Chevrolet Corvette’s sticker price was $56,445 MSRP. Today, you can buy a used Z06 for $14,000-$25,000. Below we will discuss the history of the Z06, most popular features, where to get support, and possible modifications for you to consider.

yellow 2001 Corvette Z06

History of the 2001 Corvette

At the time of its release in 2001, the Z06 delivered more performance than a regular Corvette. The car was a variant of the C5 Corvette, souped up with comprehensive upgrades, including an LS6 engine and an M12 gearbox. Goodyear developed a type of tire specifically for the Z06 that was larger than previous Corvette tires. Goodyear’s Eagle F1 SC Tires were 20 mm wider than the rubber on older Corvettes. They also had more flexible sidewalls, allowing the automobile to tread flatter during hard cornering.

The Z06 was 38 pounds lighter than its predecessor. It featured titanium mufflers, which were 18 pounds lighter than the stainless silencers used in older models. Thinner glass was also installed in the 2001 Corvette’s windshield and rear window. This glass was six pounds lighter in comparison to the glass used in the C5. The drive train and suspension were heavier in the Z06, but overall it was still lighter than the C5.

5 Most Popular 2001 Corvette Features

2001 Corvette Z06 in a parking lot

1. LS6 Engine

The LS6 engine was more powerful than the standard LS1 V-8 engine used in Corvettes. It featured smoother internal passages, a higher compression ratio, decreased valve shrouding, and better flowing intake. This engine also had thin-walled cast-iron exhaust manifolds that expelled combustion more smoothly. Engineers optimized the LS6’s flow capacity at high rpm via stronger pistons cast from a more durable alloy, chrome-vanadium-steel valve springs, and a hotter camshaft with more valve overlap and larger valve lift. Windows were cast into the internal crankcase walls too.

2. Cornering Grip

The Z06 had excellent cornering grip at the time of its launch. Even when the car was pushed to its limit, it had great balance and didn’t twitch. The cornering grip was 0.98 g, which was 0.10 g greater than other Corvettes. Car and Driver magazine stated that the Z06 had one of the best cornering grips they’ve ever seen in a production car. It was even better than the Viper GTS and Ferrari 360 Modena.

Regaining control of the Z06 when it does reach its limits is easier compared to other similar cars. As Car and Driver explained, “When you do finally exceed the car’s limits, the tires seem to smoothly smear across the pavement rather than suddenly break away, providing ample opportunity to retain control.”

3. Stop Speed

When tested for stopping distance, the Z06 was found to have an impressive stop speeds. At 70 mph, the car only took 152 feet to stop, which was one of the shortest stop distances ever recorded at the time. Compared to the C5, it was about a car length quicker.

4. M12 Gearbox

Another innovative feature of the 2001 Corvette when it debuted was shorter gearing with the M12 gearbox. The gearbox was 10-16% shorter than previous gearboxes. Only the fourth gear was the same. Shorter gearing allowed for a better exploitation of the higher-revving power band.


blue 2001 Corvette Z06

5. Fiberglass Body

Similar to previous Chevy Corvettes, the 2001 Z06 is made of a fiberglass body. Fiberglass is a strong material that doesn’t rust or corrode. It’s stronger than sheet metal. Another reason this material is good for automobiles is it’s easily molded and shaped as the engineer wants, providing more possibilities in design. The price of fiberglass is more stable than the price of steel, so Chevrolet can sell their cars at lower prices when using this material for the body.

Support for 2001 Corvette Model

You can get support for a 2001 Corvette from several forums dedicated to Corvettes, such as the Corvette Forum and Z06Vette. On the Corvette Forum, there is an entire section dedicated to the Z06 with many new posts and replies each day. Z06Vette focuses on this particular model and has a wealth of resources available for helping you with a 2001 Corvette. Examples of information you can find on this forum include modifications, LS6 engine tuning and diagnostics, and forced induction and nitrous.

Further Options for 2001 Corvette Models and Fun Stuff

You have a plethora of options in upgrading and customizing a 2001 Corvette. Examples of performance parts you can experiment with are:

  • Sport adjustable sway bar set
  • Performance chips
  • Driveline and axles
  • Cooling systems
  • Carburetors
  • Differentials
  • Catalytic converters

You can also install a set of racing seats in a 2001 Corvette, create a more aggressive appearance by raising or lowering the vehicle and improve braking by adding a set of high-performance brake rotors. An example of a performance chip you can use is the BDX Programmer. It can hold up to 10 custom tunes and features built-in WiFi. The programmer can help you improve fuel efficiency and handle tough terrain with greater ease.

The 2001 Corvette is a beautiful sports car with high performance based on the year it was released. Even in 2017, this car is considered good and sells for over $10,000 in used condition. You can up the performance of the 2001 Corvette even more through some of the possible upgrades and modifications. Likewise, you can customize the appearance for a unique car that reflects your personal style.

Have you ever owned a 2001 Corvette, or are you interested in purchasing one? Let us know what you think of this Chevy in the comments section below.